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Shardabai Pawar Vidya Niketan & Vidya Mandir

Shardanagar, Baramati.

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♦ School Foundation year :- 1990
♦ Std:- 1st to 4th
♦ Total no of students :- 576          

Our  Agricultural  Development Trust  Established the Primary School in  1990 for imparting the High quality Education for the Children’s of farmers and farm workers of the rural area .Two classes each of std-1st and   L.K.G.  were   started 1990. There  were  only  24  students  in  the beginning of the school.At present there are 257students in Pre-Primary and386 students in Primary section.Our institute gives more importance to improve the quality of education instead of increasing the number of students.

Our Founder Dr.Appasaheb Pawar wished that the student should learn in the natural surroundings instead of the four walled classroom .We teaches English Subject from the very first standard and that is our Specialty. We take Special care to inculcate our culture and tradition through school activities and co-curriculum activities .We tried to inculcate interest in our students about the Environment with the help of Environment activities.
We established Primary section not only to impart traditional Education but to give activity based, Environmental and creative based Education for the students.

Our Specialty
We insist more Emphasis on Activity based Syllabus instead of traditional methods of teaching with the help of psychological tests we try to solve the problems of the students while dealing with the syllabus .We inspire them to take part in various competition and to Develop their skills so that we conduct competitions like drawing competition hand writing competition recitation competition .We celebrate different festivals to inculcate our tradition among them. We arrange students meeting to develop their leadership qualities stage daring etc. We arrange Ecofriendly Activities to make them aware of Environment we show them movies related to Animals, Birds to make them aware of the Society we have wage Computer lab and library for their Development. In this way our Staff is always active and alert for the Development of the Students.About Shardabai Pawar Vidya Mandir


Agricultural Development Trust,Baramati was founded by Hon’ble Mr. Sharad Pawar on 22nd June 1971.He expressed that facility of education should be made available to students from the rural area.Mr. Appasaheb Pawar took the responsibility and in a very short time primary and secondary schools were established at Shardanagar Educational Campus.Shardabai Pawar Vidya Niketan was started in 1991 in order to develop a well culturaled, well disciplined, healthy, well mannered, and all rounded students

Motto : “Get stopped is get over”.

Vision : Empowering rural talent with self confident, competent and personality development education.

Mission: To equip rural talent with scientific vision efficient life skills.


The Entire vision Mission, Moto & philosophy behind the establishment of school To imparting world class education that has the ability to empower our children to physically fit, mentally alert spiritually evoked, intellectually capable for the challenges ahead  on the global platform in this fast evolving almost one –nation world.Our Aim is to build the strong character, self discipline and capable of being a global citizens because the nation is always built by discipline, cultured, devoted and educated men with faith in self and the nation as well.

To provide students – Disposition and altitudes, self confidence and self esteem,  behavior and self control, sense of community, behavior and self control, sense of community, language for communication and thinking Explorations and investigation, A sense of place and time, Health and Body Awareness, etc.

We have highly qualified, experienced and dedicated group of teachers who had trained for the best curriculum methodology.the school has regular programme of professional in service training as well as a range of other activities for further enhancement in teaching of the subject.

We believe that our Guru must be more than a source of wisdom and knowledge.he/she moulds an impressionable child’s mind, is a motivator, friend and a Guide a role model a mentor.Compassionate and committed. Learns to innovate and innovates to learn Kind and Inspiring, Affectionate, warmth, trust and togetherness, etc.

Education pattern belongs to multiple Intelligence, which is very valuable thing in everyone’s life.  

From Principal Desk

  • Mr. Mundhe Suryakant Madhavrao,SPVN

    Dear Parents and students,At the outset , I take it as a great honor to become a part of this great institution.As the Principal of the reputed Shardabai Pawar Vidya Niketan Continue Reading »

  • Mr. Ghodke Amol R.,SPVM

    Education is like a flowing stream .Its flow suggests innovative changes.We are applying this theme in our education .We are also applying education stream based on constructivism method in all daily education Continue Reading »

  • Our School In Activities
  • School Gathering

    School celebrated Annual school gathering from 28th to 30th Jan. 16 . On 28th Jan, there was Anand Melawa.There were near about 189 stalls in the Melawa.There were many funny games also.1100 students took part in the Anand Melawa.

  • Trekking

    Regular trekking is arranged in our school. Most of the students enjoy visits to different forts, mountains. Students enjoy the natural beauty . They also learn so many things through different visits.

  • Dance Competition

    On 29th January there was Dance Competition. 1200 students took active part in the dance competition. They presented the dances on different traditional theme.